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Did you say "I need...?"

Coming up with ideas is a fun process, but producing them is going to take a lot of preparation and unicorn glitter. That's the part I will handle.

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The Hero's Journey

If you are familiar with this saying, then you might be a storyteller. The Hero's Journey is how a story engages your viewer. But what if you are selling a product or promoting an organization. This still applies as long as you follow the formula.

Who or what is your subject?  | What is the conflict or challenge? |  How will it change the world?

I have a Bachelor's in Film and a Master's in Multimedia Producing. From all the projects I have produced from LA, to Seattle and all the way to Minnesota, STORY is my speciality and can apply it towards any medium or platform.


Connecting is the secret weapon to creating amazing things. Bother me anytime!


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